When You Want to Belong in the National Honor Society

You may have heard of this but is not quite familiar with it, the National Honor Society is an organization in the US which has chapters in HS in all 50 states and other United States territories and even in Canada. This organization would permit those HS students bearing dedication to the core values of the honor society like character, service, scholarship and leadership, to get a recognition and also apply for the different college scholarships and join those volunteer services.

A very important requirement in the National Honor Society is to be able to maintain a GPA. The basic requirement which is used in order to see if you are able to meet such honor society standards is the cumulative GPA. If you want to be a part of the NHS, then you should get and maintain a higher GPA. It is required for those members of the honor society to have such GPA of 3.5 or a lot higher than the scale of 4.0. When using the 5.0 scale, then this must be at least 4.374 and when it is a 6.0 scale, 5.25. When talking of the letter grade scale, then one should be a B+ and 90 percent or one must possess an average grade that is greater on the 100-point scale. To get extra info, go to

It is also very important that you begin working on the grades early in your high school. If you are really interested in starting off with that low GPA, then you need to perform extra work in the next semesters. Also, you must be serious with your studies and your homework.

If you have struggles in a particular subject, then you have to consider getting a tutor or you can ask your friend in class to help you on this. There are a lot of people who don't really excel well in the many subjects. You may be a fantastic student in chemistry but you may have a problem in remembering dates on your history class.

The members of the honor society are also looking for various ways that they can earn 25 hours of service in the community that they must fulfill every year in the said organization. Thus, you need to ask them for help on these areas.

It is essential for one to have great study skills. The flashcards, the memorization and those practice tests and quizzes are great methods so that you can prepare for the exam. If your teacher offers you that optional after the review sessions in school, then you should always attend even if you feel confident with the skill set that you have.

Aside from academics, good relationships can also help you build success. Watch this video on the matter: