How to Choose an Honor Society

Joining an honor society is a big deal to college students who have chosen to be serious academicians but you should be careful about the ones you are joining so that you will not realize you had been tricked into joining a deadbeat honor society when you are already too invested into it. The ACHS(Association of College Honor Societies) regulates these societies which means every honor society should be a member. If the one you have been invited to apply to is not a member then you have a cause to worry. You should call the person in charge and get an explanation why the society is not listed, or visit the website. If the reason is not satisfactory, look for a different one.

Also, confirm that the website does have directions on how to contact the society. Do not entertain telephone numbers which are always go to voicemail. Also, there should be a physical address should you want to visit the location. There should be a list of the bylaws, membership benefits, chapter charter policy and criteria of becoming a member on the website. In addition, headquarter staff and national officers should be clearly listed there. Every honor society will require members to contribute membership fee. This money goes into making sure the benefits you get do not get scrapped along the way because they have become unaffordable. Also, you can with the lifetime membership where you pay the fee once. You can get extra info on this at

Do not trust organizations which require just an online application. Don't get confused about the online application because they are okay but you should get a letter from the society confirming that your university or college has verified your qualification. Flexible or vague membership is not a thing where legitimate honor societies are concerned. It is a prestige to be in such an organization but do not be blind to obvious facts. In addition, the campus you are in should have a chapter on honor societies. There should be a way for you to get in touch with other members of the society in the campus for networking purposes.

You should avoid profit organizations because honor societies should be non-profit organizations. The websites they run should have a .org domain. Also, there should be an annual report on the website which shades light on what the organization has been up to all year long. Financial information should be available every time you ask for it. Want to build a successful career in a few years' time? Watch this video: